Charlie Carrell


"Simon has always been a nightmare to play against. I've seen him crush live cash games continuously, probably at higher rates than anyone else I know. We have discussed many live tell situations and his experience with this aspect of the game is immediately apparent."

Chris Moorman

"Simon has been crushing the live poker scene for years. I think the professionalism he shows in the way he approaches poker coupled with his outgoing personality will make him a great poker coach.


Benton Blakeman


"I met Simon a few years back playing a cash game at Bellagio. I could tell right away that he thought about the game in a way that most don't. Throughout our time working together Simon has helped me and my game immensely. He is very articulate when describing why he prefers certain lines over others and the concepts he teaches are very understandable. He's one of the best players and coaches I've come across in 13 years of playing poker professionally. I highly recommend him as a coach."

One-on-one Private Poker Coaching